MAtrix Booth

Enjoy Your Event Forever!

Array camera systems create unique and memorable event experiences with our

dynamic, animated portraits brought to you by party professionals.


Array Systems are built to travel and

designed to be set up pretty much anywhere.

Array content can be customized in myriad ways, limited only by your imagination

(and your budget).


Graphic Overlays

Capitalize on the viral reach of social media posts from your event by adding

branded graphics and messages to array capture.


Animated Effects

Bring an additional layer of creativity to your images by adding in the animated end

cards, overlays, and dimensional graphics that mimic the “3D” nature of the array captures.


Custom Backgrounds

Create an immersive environment for guests with imaginative backdrops, props, and full sets.


Unlimited 3D Videos
  • On-Site Experience Director
  • 1X Free Backdrop
  • The ultimate multi-cam experience
  • Animated Boomerang Creations
  • 5//7/9 DSLR 18MP Camera Option
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • Custom Logo Branding/Overlay on Video
  • Awesome Party Props
  • Free Artwork + Design
  • Instant Social Media and Email Sharing
  • No unnecessary cramping or squishing
  • Smiles, fun and plenty of memories
  • Free Setup/Pack down
  • TV Display (Optional Add-on)